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The Joner Football app can help you develop and fine-tune your technique and improve your game with training drills, tutorials, and educational information. Train at home with minimal equipment to become a better athlete. 

Drills & programs

Our training sessions will have a lot of variety and many have minimal equipment required. 
  • Live stream training 
  • Dribbling drills
  • ​At-home training 
  • ​Cognitive drills 
  • ​Speed & agility training 
  • ​Ball mastery training
  • ​PLUS, new workouts and drills every month!

A Footballer's Diet

Nutrition is key to staying healthy and getting the most out of your training. 
  • Nutrition guide with healthy tips and tactics 
  • ​Complete grocery list 
  • ​Meal suggestions
  • ​Game-specific eating schedule 

All-access pass to premium features 

The app is one of the highest-rated on the App Store (and there’s a reason for that). 
  • Ask Joner Football questions in the app directly
  • Easy-to-follow videos
  • ​Download workouts for offline use
  • ​Stream workouts to your TV
  • ​Track your progress 
  • ​Collect health data

Bonus benefits, just for you 

For $1 for the first month you get access to my programs and also the entire Playbook platform. 
  • Unlimited access to 150+ trainers
  • Hundreds of programs
  • ​Thousands of workouts
  • ​Nutrition and wellness guides
  • ​New workouts every day!
Our community is worldwide
"The level of technical detail, creativity and game-like realism to each session was on another level. Every day I improved, learned, developed and the comments from those I received when I returned home were unanimous that I was a “totally different player”. It was the first time I’d had a coach break down techniques in a way that worked for me personally, to give me the tools to keep improving. My ball mastery, shooting, awareness, passing and first touch were the umbrellas of improvement with which I could take my game to another level to best prepare me for professional football."
"The sessions he prepared for me were tailored specifically to my position and my level of ability. We were able to work on finer details of the game that aren’t taught enough- scanning, body shape, protecting the ball, timing of movements, agility, technique, awareness etc. The delivery of his coaching points are always clear and he is able to demonstrate (with quality) what he is expecting from his players."
"My son’s experience with Lee from Joner football has been a incredible one. Coach Joner is by far the best technical individual coach my son has had, Coach Joner brings demanding drills, clear expectations and highly contagious energy. He has a phenomenal ability to review a player’s strengths and weaknesses, to set expectations with a player and set goals that are achievable within the player’s current skill level. He also has this ability to inspire self-motivation in the players he trains. He is able to positively assess a player’s mental state and successfully encourage a positive, winning attitude in the players he trains."
Meet Lee Jones
Lee Jones (AKA Joner) from Joner Football is recognised all over the globe. Based in Sydney, Australia, Joner Football was voted top 10 technical football trainers in the world for specialising in individual and small-group training. 

Lee Jones is a specialist coach who helps improve players' all-around game, specifically developing and fine-tuning technique. Jones has worked with some of the best professionals, both male and female, in the game. Jones is also a Nike football sponsored coach & works closely with Nike athletes in Australia. 

Joner Football and his team run events worldwide. They have over 750K followers online, over 19 million views on YouTube, and their global elite camps always sell out! 

The Joner Football app is for everyone — whether it's to  improve your game, be the best player on your team, play at a higher standard, or even become a professional footballer, we are here to help you. 
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